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Donation Boxes

Giving Things

Thank you

Thank you for wanting to give your items through your local Besom. We hope that it will help you to decide what you can give.  You can make up a whole pack, donate items to go into packs, or give furniture or white goods.

Here is an overview of items that we give to local people in need.

We welcome new and used items.  The used items need to be of good quality, clean and, if it is a sofa or mattress, it has to have fire tags. Once you are confident that your item will be a blessing to its recipient, please take a photo of it and email it to us at

Furniture, White Goods, Carpet

Furniture and white goods that have been kindly donated will be passed on to clients free of charge. Often, they go to homes where there is hardly any furniture at all,  Our van team are happy to pick up and deliver the goods.

We can only accept used furniture and white goods that are of good quality, in good condition and clean (not stained), If we are unable to accept your furniture, here is a list of other charities who welcome donations of furniture.


Baby Bundles and Equipment

If a baby is moving into the new home, or if the woman who is moving is pregnant, this pack contains many of the things the baby will need. These packs are usually donated to The Safe, previously know as the Pregnancy Crisis Centre.


We accept items that would be useful to new mums, such as bodysuits, mittens, socks, hats, bibs, blankets disposable nappies, hooded bath towel, bath lotion, sponge, cotton wipes and toys.  

We also accept baby equipment, such as pushchairs, that are in good working order.


Giving Money

None of us are paid but obviously, there are some costs involved.  


If you would like to contribute to these or pay for specific items for our recipients, please email us at


We are opening a Stewardship account, which will enable us to take on-line donations.  As soon as the account is ready - hopefully by the end of June - the Donate button below will be active. 

Donation Jar

Kitchen Packs

A storage box is filled full of all those things which make a house a home.

We put together kits of common and essential kitchen items, such as cutlery, crockery, kettle, mircowave, saucepans, and cleaning products. These kits go to people in need who will be moving into new accommodation.

We accept new and used items for the packs.  Used items must be of good quality and in good condition, eg no chips on plates!  We also try to give items that match, eg a set of 2 or 4 plates.  Food items are also included in these packs or given separately. 

kitchen pack.webp

Ladies' Packs

This pack is for women who move to a new home, often at short notice. The goods inside will hopefully make them feel valued and at home in the face of upheaval

The packs usually include tissues, face wipes, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, roll on deodorant, sanitary pads, hairbrush, toiletries bag, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash liquid, medium size mirror, shower gel, bath towel, hand towel, flannel and chocolate.

Lady's pack.webp
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