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Helping Hands



Furniture and White Goods

We accept donations of furniture and other household items that are in good condition but no longer needed by their owners.  We collect and deliver these items to clients free of charge.

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Starter Packs, Ladies' Pamper Packs, Baby Bundles

We provide Starter Packs for people moving into accommodation who do not even have the essentials such as crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, a microwave, kettle etc.  


We also do Baby Bundles for new mums and Ladies' Pamper Packs for women in the Refuge.

Decorating and Gardening

We currently don't have any decorating or gardening tools but in the past, we have assisted with decorating and gardening when tools have been supplied. 

If you contact us then we will arrange to meet at your client's house in order to assess the potential project and, once you and your client are happy, we will take the next steps (see below for the Referral Process).

Christmas Hampers

We work with local churches, schools and businesses to put together Christmas hampers for local individuals and families in need.  We aim to focus on more special food that people would not normally buy, ie fun stuff for a fun Christmas.  We deliver the hampers during the week before Christmas.

Serene Gradient

The Referral Process



A professional will contact us by email directly to inform us of someone who may need furniture or household items. In some cases we can provide decorating or gardening help. 



Initially we meet with the professional and the recipient to see what work needs to be completed, or sometimes what items are needed. 



Next, we search through the list of groups from churches who have offered their time to match them up to the referral.



The group comes for a day, usually on a weekend, and carries out the work or our van team delivers the items as they become available.

To Apply...


Check Your Area

Please check the postcode of your client to make sure that it is within the area that Besom in Basingstoke covers (see below)


Assess The Need

We don't need to know the background of the client’s situation and why they need the items.  We just need to know that you have already assessed the need.


First-Rate Materials

Please send the details of the individual or family by email, if you can.  The information that we need is: 

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Items needed.

  • Any risks that may be present (please assess the risk as far as possible before you contact us)

Areas We Cover

We cover RG21, RG22, RG23 and RG24.

Outside of these areas, within half an hour drive of Basingstoke, we will do what we can if we have availability.  If in doubt, please email us!

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