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Basingstoke Christmas Hamper Project

Make a Christmas Hamper or donate Christmas treats for a local individual or family in need

Every year, Basingstoke residents, businesses, churches and schools work together to provide Christmas hampers for individuals and families in our community who are in need.  

Our local authority, the NHS and voluntary organisations identify those who won't be able to buy Christmas treats without sacrificing staple food or heating. 

Child receiving Christmas present

Festival Place provides a unit where we can make the hampers. Local residents, clubs, and schools, along with staff from local businesses and statutory organisations donate food items and money for the hampers. Many also volunteer to make hampers in Festival Place. Besom (a local charity) lends us its van and local churches help us to deliver the hampers.

Last year, the kindness and generosity of so many who live and work in Basingstoke enabled us to give Christmas hampers to over 1,000 families and individuals.  Below are some of the messages of thanks from the recipients and staff of the agencies that work with them.

Stationary photo

“Thank you so much, our families were so very grateful.  I wish you could have seen their faces, but hopefully you do see the joy they bring yourself too”.  

“I have just delivered hampers to two delighted families. Thank you all for the wonderful work you have done to bring Christmas cheer to so many families. 

May you all have a very blessed Christmas”. 

"I just wanted to thank you once again for the food hampers that supported some of our most vulnerable students and families. In such hard times, I know these would have been very gratefully received”.

“We received so much gratitude for each and every hamper.  They were amazing as always!”

Holding Hands

“Delivering hampers this year reminded me that I, in similar circumstances, had received one as a child.  Someone valued me enough to give me a hamper filled with treats. It lifted my self esteem”.

“We can’t thank you enough for all the hampers! Our residents really are extremely grateful, and very appreciative of all the hard work you guys have done”.

“I would like to take this opportunity again for thinking of our residents and how thankful we are for the Christmas hampers”.

“I have received a Christmas hamper for the past 3 years, because I have been going through a really tough time.  The hampers have meant so much to me that this year, when things are a bit better, I have come to help to make the hampers, because I know what a difference they will make to people that receive them”.

Donate hampers, food items or money

Refer clients to receive hampers
(agency referrals only)

Help to make the Christmas hampers

Donation Box with Clothes

Volunteering & Donations

Email Debbie at 

Call/Whatsapp on 07774416345.

Local Market Merchant

Referrals from local organisations

Email Abigail at

Call/Whatsapp on 07747111336.

Any other questions?

Email Abigail at

Call/Whatsapp on 07747111336

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