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Giving Things to Other Charities

Thank you for wanting to give your items through your local Besom.  If your item is not suitable for Besom, here are some ideas of other charities who might welcome it.


We are sorry if we are unable to take your kind donation.  Here are some ideas of places that might be able to take it:

If the sofa has fire labels then the following charities may be interested:

Failing that on the internet there is Freecycle or Gumtree that may help.

will be passed on to clients free of charge.

Household Items

St Michael's Hospice Charity Stores will accept most household items that are in good condition.

They also accept toys and books.


St Michael's Hospice Charity Stores accept clothes that are in good condition. 

They also accept worn clothes and shoes, because they send them to an organisation that recycles them.

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