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Besom in Basingstoke

Our Mission

At Besom, we have a passion for making a real difference. We provide a bridge between those who want to give and those who are in need. Whether it is time, money, items, or skills through our services, we aim to provide practical help and support to those who are struggling. Click here to learn more about our work.


Need some help?

Please ask your social worker or keyworker for help accessing our services.


If you are a keyworker then there is a process to follow to help your clients. 

Want to give?

We don't ask for money, but if you would like to give a financial donation, click below.

Our  Christmas Hamper Project 

Every year, food banks, local residents and organisations come together to make Christmas hampers for families in need. 

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Your generous donation can make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Click here to make a donation today.

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