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"We delivered a wardrobe, chest of drawers, settee, bedding and a starter pack.  The gentleman has recently been released from prison after 8 years.  The first thing he said to us was "How much do I owe you?"  When we said we wanted nothing, we both got a handshake and a big man hug.  He was really overwhelmed with what he received and was already painting his new home".

"When we moved an expectant mum from the women's refuge, she had little more than the clothes she stood up in.  Within a few days, we had been able to fill her new home with many essential items.  With tears in her eyes, she said, "At this moment, you don't know how much I love you!"  That comment alone makes everything worthwhile".

"It has been a privilege to be part of a group helping a young mum-to-be settle into her home and to see the joy on her face at the generosity of people in the church as they decorated room after room and filled them with lots of lovely things.  It took me back to the joy I first felt on meeting Jesus".

"I would like to say thank you for all your help and kindness in helping my client.  She was a victim of domestic violence, and when her ex left he took the televisions in the house so the children didn't have anything to watch at all.  You managed to get her a television and take it to her house as well.  You have really changed the children's lives.  They all sit together now to watch television.  You have made a big difference in their lives.  I would like to say a very big thank you to you all at Besom".

"As a Christian, I always wanted to serve others outside my Church in a practical way, and until I heard about Besom that seemed to be quite difficult.  Through Besom it is possible to get involved, not only with donating goods and food but also giving time to help people through Besom projects.  I have tidied gardens, painted rooms, cleared rooms, unpacked and packed up rooms for all sorts of people who just needed a helping hand.  Great way to serve directly and feel like what you are doing is making some sort of difference to someone”.

"Just wanted to pass on thanks from both the families that you have recently helped for me. I believe the washing machine is now in place. The family in Oakley where you delivered the single bed report that their 10 yr old son LOVES his bed and that he has slept in his own bed for almost a week now which is a massive improvement and ensures that Mum also has a decent night's sleep too".


"Showing love in a practical way"
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"There are no words I can write to say how much my hamper, received from  your church and church members, was donate, organise and to deliver to homes is wonderful.  The items helped me a great deal over the festive season".


"We went as a group, thinking that we would give a day to paint someone's home and hopefully help them ... but we had no idea that we would come away having gained far more than we gave.  Their walls were transformed and so were we".


"A lady from my church who recently donated a bed to Besom also received a letter from you and she was thrilled - she has it posted on her wall unit in her lounge.  She is confined to her house owing to poor health and is aware that there is little that she can do to help others, so being able to donate the bed gave her great pleasure and your letter made her day".

Starter pack.jpg

"The van is brimful with some lovely items and we still have another sofa and chest of drawers to collect.  This has been a fantastic morning...God has not only fulfilled our desires, but he has flooded us with the abundance of his love".

"Yesterday, we received a call about a couple who had moved in with basically nothing.  We were able to deliver a Starter Pack, double bed and duvet, with bed linen, food microwave, wardrobe, 2-seater settee, table and chairs.  We prayed with the young couple, who really appreciated it, and they now have the basics for a home".


"As you probably know we haven't accepted offers of 3-seater sofas for some time as they require a lot of storage space, are heavy and usually too big for the doorways/passages of the homes that we get asked to furnish, not to mention the frequency of needing to carry them up to 1st and 2nd floor flats!   However, in the flurry and busyness of the Hamper project, such a sofa was "inadvertently" accepted and eventually picked up last week and stored since then on the Van.

So, we were faced with the challenge of someone needing a 3-seater sofa which could be delivered on the ground floor through a wide doorway straight into a room and also where the van could park very close, due to the weight of the sofa (which has a metal frame) and also sooner rather than later as it was taking up a lot of room on the van.


Over the weekend, we were contacted by May Place about a guy (Tommy) moving into his own accommodation. (The guy I emailed about needing a starter pack).  To cut a long story short, I wasn't able to deliver to him until this afternoon. One of the things on his list was a sofa, so took the 3-seater one on the van just in case, having ascertained that Tommy was able to assist carrying it.  Got to his new (has white goods but otherwise empty) place in Rooksdown which was on the ground floor, with patio doors straight into his living room, and able to park the van literally outside.  The sofa was a perfect fit in the room. Tommy has been living in a car for 2 months, so was well pleased with everything we were able to give him.  (Sofa, mattress, bedding, starter pack, food, TV/coffee table, lamp, heater, rug)".

"Just opened everything.  I am in shock.  Thank you so much, it's just everything I needed.  God bless you".

Contact us via email or phone and we can tell you more about what we do,
how you can get involved and line up a project for you. 07541 123797
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