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Helping to Assemble the Hampers

We will assemble the Christmas hampers in Festival Place
(Upper Floor beside Next) until Saturday 19th December.

We would be delighted if you could help us to put together the hampers.


Here is a list of the dates on which we will assemble the hampers.  There is space for about 8 volunteers at the site, so we will update this page every day so that you can see the slots that are available:  

  • Wednesday 9th December:  FULL

  • Thursday 10th December:  FULL

  • Friday 11th December:  FULL

  • Saturday 12th December:  FULL

  • Monday 14th December:  FULL

  • Tuesday 15th December:  FULL

  • Wednesday 16th December:  9am - 12pm

  • Thursday 17th December:  FULL

  • Friday 18th December:  9am - 12pm

  • Saturday 19th December:  FULL

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"There are no words I can write to say how much my hamper was appreciated that I received from your church and your members.  The items inside helped me a great deal over the festive season. 


I hope my letter finds who were involved happy & well last year being an amazing year for them & their kindness".

Please email Abigail at or call 07747-111336 when you know at what time(s) and date(s) you would like to help.


Please bring a mask and, ideally, sellotape and scissors.  We have some wrapping paper at the site, but additional wrapping paper would be very useful!

If you have any queries or would like more information, please call Abigail on 07747-111336 or email

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