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Christmas Hampers Donated by Churches​

We are operating, like last year, from two sites, firstly in Festival Place mainly with The Food Bank and also from Praise Embassy Church. Please reference all the details below;


LOCATION: Praise Embassy Church, Lennox Road, RG22 4AP.(Behind B & Q)

DATES: To deliver food and hampers and to give time to help build hampers the dates are; Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks commencing the 6th and 13th December and Monday and Wednesday the 20th and 22nd December.

TIMES: The team and volunteers will be at Praise Embassy from 10am to 2pm on the above dates.


There is a list of items that we include in hampers below.  Please include children’s toys, if you want to, as we often have the need for them.

We will also need churches to deliver small quantities to people in the area close to their church. Individuals will also be needed to have the joy of delivering hampers.

Please start to gather food, boxes, wrapping paper etc so we can start building hampers starting on the 6th December. Why not do this with your friends and in your various church groups?


The Besom Team cannot do this without you lovely Christians so please let me know the days you can come along and help and we will provide refreshments and music!!

If you need any more information please let me know on


Love and blessings,



On behalf of the Besom Team.

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Items to Include in your Hamper

Hamper Contents
Food Items

We focus on more special food that people would not normally buy, ie fun stuff for a fun Christmas.  This makes the contents of the hamper more of a treat!

Here are the food items that we would usually include in a Christmas Hamper for a small family:

  • Christmas cake

  • Christmas pudding.  

  • Box mince pies

  • Box of chocolates

  • Hot drink, eg coffee, tea, hot chocolate

  • Box or tin of biscuits

  • Tinned ham or fish

  • Tinned pie

  • Tinned fruit

  • Savoury sauce, eg curry sauce, pasta sauce

  • Drinks, eg cordial, juice

  • Savoury snacks, eg crisps, nuts

  • Dried fruit

  • 4 Crackers

  • Tinsel

  • Christmas card with a message from your church.

All hampers need to be alcohol free.


Here are some ideas for toiletries that you might like to include in the hamper:


  • Soaps, shower gel

  • Shampoo

  • Bubble bath

  • Shaving foam

  • and or body moisturiser

If the toiletries are especially for a woman or man, please stick a note on the hamper.


Here are some ideas for decorations that you might like to include in the hamper.  


  • Tinsel

  • Christmas baubles

  • Crackers

  • Paper tablecloth

  • Napkins

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