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Christmas Hampers  ​

Would you, your family, your church, your school or your business consider sharing your Christmas cheer with those in need by putting together Christmas hampers or contributing food items that Besom can make into hampers?

"There are no words I can write to say how much my hamper was appreciated that I received from your church and your members.  The items inside helped me a great deal over the festive season. 


I hope my letter finds who were involved happy & well 2018 being an amazing year for them & their kindness".

"I am writing to thank Besom, for all the beautiful Christmas hampers that were donated by yourselves, for children in need in the Basingstoke area.  Without your generosity and kindness these families would have struggled to have had an enjoyable Christmas, in these tough economical times.


Please be assured that these food hampers do make a significant difference to children in need, at this time of year".   

Oakley Junior Hampers.jpg

Please click the button that best describes to how you would like to give

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