Christmas Hampers Donated by Businesses​

Here is a brief description of the different ways in which you could help to make and/or deliver hampers to people in need this Christmas.  If you think that you or your business would like to be involved in giving hampers or if you would like to know more, please complete the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.  

Assemble Christmas Hampers as a Business or Group

Some businesses hold a Christmas Hamper get-together, to which staff members bring items for hampers and boxes to put them in.  Here is a list of items that we put into hampers. 


Staff members work together to create the hampers and they can put a note into each hamper so that the recipient knows who has created it.

Besom then collects the hampers from your business and delivers them on your behalf.

Bring Completed Hampers or Food Donations to your Business

Staff families can make hampers at home or buy items to put into hampers.  Here is a list of items that we put into hampers. They can then take the hampers and food donations to the business. 

Besom can then collect the hampers and items from the business, make hampers from the food donations and deliver the hampers on behalf of the business.  

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Items to Include in your Hamper

Food Items

We focus on more special food that people would not normally buy, ie fun stuff for a fun Christmas.  This makes the contents of the hamper more of a treat!

Here are the food items that we would usually include in a Christmas Hamper for a small family:

  • Christmas cake

  • Christmas pudding.  

  • Box mince pies

  • Box of chocolates

  • Hot drink, eg coffee, tea, hot chocolate

  • Box or tin of biscuits

  • Tinned ham or fish

  • Tinned pie

  • Tinned fruit

  • Savoury sauce, eg curry sauce, pasta sauce

  • Drinks, eg cordial, juice

  • Savoury snacks, eg crisps, nuts

  • Dried fruit

  • 4 Crackers

  • Tinsel

  • Christmas card with a message from your church.

All hampers need to be alcohol free.


Here are some ideas for toiletries that you might like to include in the hamper:


  • Soaps, shower gel

  • Shampoo

  • Bubble bath

  • Shaving foam

  • and or body moisturiser

If the toiletries are especially for a woman or man, please stick a note on the hamper.


Here are some ideas for decorations that you might like to include in the hamper.  


  • Tinsel

  • Christmas baubles

  • Crackers

  • Paper tablecloth

  • Napkins

Contact Form

If you think that you or your business would like to be involved in giving hampers to local people who are in need this year, please fill out this contact form.


Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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